How to import dll functions using MS's __stdcall. - by Borland Developer Support Staff

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FAQ1574C.txt   How to import dll functions using MS's __stdcall.
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Product    :BC++  5.x


When trying to create a .LIB-file from a DLL created in 
MSVC ++ 4.2 i get an error message from IMPLIB:

Exception C0000005: Access violation
Module: IMPLIB.EXE Start Adress: 00410000

(Creating a .LIB-file from winsock.dll works fine.)

I can create a .LIB that works by:
1. using DUMPBIN /EXPORTS...
2. create a .DEF-file with ordinals using information from 1 
3. using IMPDEF to create .LIB-file from .DEF-file

The problem with this approach is that the program cannot 
locate the functions in the DLL at runtime.

Does anyone have a solution?


There is a workaround for MS DLL's that export using __stdcall
but it requires editing the .def produced by impdef by hand. 
When you imdef the dll your .def file
will look similar to this:

__funcname_1@8 = __funcname_1 @1
__funcname_2@4 = __funcname_2 @2

It needs to be changed to this:


Add the def file to your project.

7/2/98 10:32:32 AM